Electronic Electrician

Company Name:
OSRAM Sylvania
Electronic Electrician Description OSRAM SYLVANIA is the #1 lighting manufacturer in North America and a worldwide leader in lighting solutions. Our products feature innovative design and energy saving technology. We sell products for homes, businesses and
primarily under the SYLVANIA brand name in the US, and operate under the OSRAM brand in Europe, China and beyond. Around 60 percent of sales come from energy-efficient products. Perform the following with a minimum of supervision: 1. Lay out, construct, assemble, install, adjust, troubleshoot, and
electrical, electronic, and power control equipment from schematics, prints, drawings, sketches, verbal instructions, etc. Comply with building and underwriters codes and all national/city/state electrical codes. 2. Determine proper secondary components such as wire size, breakers, Switches, insulation, chassis, and associated hardware and various commercial catalog items. 3. Operate various types of electrical and electronic measuring and calibration instruments such as meters, oscilloscopes, oscillators, thermocouples, bridges, etc. Generate and record pertinent data while testing, adjusting, or operating prototype or developmental new and/or used equipment. 4. Make sketches or diagrams of electrical and electronic circuits and layouts regarding plant
and/or equipment on new or used machinery or devices. 5. Perform all work in a skilled and craftsman like manner; make electronic quality solder joints, connections, terminations, crimps, etc. Protect and mount elements taking care to avoid heat damage at all times. 6. Consult and work with specialists and engineers on experimental or exploratory problems. 7. Perform other miscellaneous duties such as maintain S.PC., and other required records, maintain inventory of stock, obtain and return supplies and equipment; operate powered mobile equipment to facilitate movement, placement, and/or repair of equipment at walk speeds, or less; cooperate with other maintenance groups to accomplish other maintenance tasks as required, etc. 8. Perform Electrician A work as required or as assigned. 9. Instruct, direct, and/or provide assistance and guidance to other less-experienced personnel in matters pertaining to electrical and/or electronic work. 10. Perform the duties of Stock Room Attendant (Maintenance) on occasion as assigned or as required. 11. Perform each phase of the operation in compliance with all company, state, and/or federal safety and environmental regulations as directed by management. 12. Perform and assume responsibility for his/her work and service to assure it meets the internal and external customer requirements and expectations. 13. Notify supervisor of any irregularities such as errors in drawings, specifications, improper operation of equipment, etc. 14. Maintain orderliness and cleanliness of assigned area(s) and observe company policies at all times. OSRAM SYLVANIA wishes to deal directly with our best and brightest candidates. We do not work with third party recruiters. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and encourage all candidates to apply directly to our site. Qualifications Must be a graduate of a formal accredited company-approved, 2-year
School (not a correspondence school) and successfully complete company testing. Must be able to work any shift and weekends. MYK62683JR

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