Machinist Mechanic A

Company Name:
Salary period: Annual
Machinist Mechanic A-11189
Job Type -Full time permanent
Primary Location -United States-Kentucky
Perform the following with a minimum of supervision:
1. Perform the work of fully-qualified, all around machinist. Working from prints, drawings, sketches, sample parts or instructions, set up and operate standard or specialized machine tools to make a wide variety of metal, plastic, or wooden parts. Notify supervisor of dimensional errors in drawings or of obvious design mistakes.
2. Build, assemble, adjust, and try out a variety of assemblies, subassemblies, jigs, or fixtures using standard, special, or made-up parts. Construct new equipment working from prints, drawings, sketches, and/or sample equipment.
3. Work with engineers, designers, and/or other management personnel to set up, operate and debug any assigned equipment.
4. Make any necessary repairs, replacing or rebuilding all required parts and devices, on any equipment. Disassemble, clean, and completely overhaul or rebuild any equipment.
5. Observe specific parts of equipment to determine or analyze the cause of machine malfunctions. Make any necessary adjustments to equipment to obtain desired operating results.
6. Develop, edit, and/or correct NC/CNC or other accessory control tapes and programs.
7. Perform other related work such as simple heat treating, gas and electric welding, precision hand fitting, miscellaneous bench work, etc.
8. Prepare, install, and/or replace equipment component piping, tubing, controls, etc. (service connections excluded).
9. Perform mechanical installation and/or replacement of electrical devices and associated equipment(excluding electrical connections).
10. Install and/or replace plug in type electrical devices.
11. Perform preventive maintenance and periodic operation checks on assigned equipment as instructed.
12. Instruct, train, and/or direct less experienced employees such as Maintenance Machinist B and C, etc.
13. Move or assist to move any equipment within plant as directed.
14. As instructed, use a data terminal to maintain S.PC. and other required records and issue reports of equipment, repair, progress, etc.
15. Perform each phase of the operation in compliance with all company state, and/or federal safety and environmental regulations as directed by management.
16. Perform and assume responsibility for his/her work and service to assure it meets the internal and external customer requirements and expectations.
17. Notify supervisor or designated personnel of any irregularities in materials, process, or equipment. 18. Maintain orderliness and cleanliness of assigned areas and observe safety policies at all times.
Diploma from an accredited school.

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